We are dedicated to creating and supporting the genetic/genomic analysis of very large data sets by developing and applying the most advanced methods.

Our focus is an outstanding customer experience in the technical analysis of genetic/genomic data via innovation with



We are a leading provider of advanced analytical tools focused on genetic and genomic solutions.

Our Biometric Open Language Tools (BOLT) enables statistical analysis using a language like syntax closely integrated with the Linux command line environment. Unlike other “black box” toolsets which may be limited to specific models and datasets, BOLT enables high performance assembly and solution of any mixed model equations the user can develop to fit their data.

BOLT tools can then be scripted together to enable routine and automated genetic and genomic evaluations that incorporate new data as it arrives. This enables geneticists/analysts to spend less time managing their routine evaluation systems and spend more time adding value to their organisations through development of novel intellectual property through new models, traits, or indexes.

The services we provide include customising analyses using BOLT to meet your individual enterprise requirements and specifications. This can extend to providing advanced research, development and consulting on your breeding goals including optimal implementation of genomic marker tools, commercial turnkey analysis, and even new development of custom high performance tools.

Our TREE parentage system is a web-based Turnkey Real-time End-to-End genotype and parentage pipeline. It is an easy to use and largely automated web system for performing on the fly parentage verification and determination analyses. Genotypes loaded in our TREE system can also be coupled for routine and automated genomic evaluations powered by BOLT or other software. This system is utilised internationally by both breed associations, parentage service providers, and genotyping laboratories.


Our customers include commercial and public laboratories, universities, and organisations involved in human, plant, and animal genomics.

Two of the three national USA beef cattle single-step evaluation systems run on our BOLT software. These include the world’s largest beef cattle evaluation system run by International Genetic Solutions and the North American Hereford evaluation system run by the American Hereford Association. International Genetic Solutions provides a great FAQ discussing some of the key features of their BOLT powered evaluation system.

We focus on providing access to advanced methods and procedures for genetic and genomic analysis. Our emphasis is on Bayesian sampling based methods but we also provide a complete set of high performance solver based analyses of linear and non-linear systems.

Because we are actively involved in developing and utilising the newest methods, we also provide support to our customers through consultation and training.