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Theta Solutions, LLC

Dorian J. Garrick, Ph. D.

Co-Founder, CSO and CFO

Dorian has been integrally involved in the development and implementation of national animal evaluation programs, performance recording databases and breeding schemes. His recent work has focused on exploiting genomic information for animal improvement. Dorian views animal breeding in a systems context, involving the integration of knowledge and understanding of business goals, production systems, processing and marketing, in concert with quantitative and molecular genetics. Dorian has worked with a variety of genetic improvement programs in addition to dairy cattle, including beef cattle, sheep, elk, pigs, chickens, and tree breeding.  Dorian enjoys working with enthusiastic producer and industry groups that seek to include animal breeding approaches in the attainment of their farm business goals. Dorian is Executive Director of the US National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium and Chief Scientist at the A. L. Rae Genetics Center in Waikato, New Zealand. 

As a founder, Dorian serves in the dual roles of Chief Scientific Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Theta Solutions, LLC.

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