Tools for advanced genetic and genomic analysis

Theta Solutions, LLC

Software for large scale analyses such as genomic analyses, multi-trait BLUP, including probit threshold analysis, is available for immediate use.  SSGBLUP can be performed.

LATE BREAKING -  The Super Hybrid Model of Fernando and Garrick, 2016:  The Hybrid Model of Fernando, et al., 2015,  available in Bolt, has been re-imagined with a new algebra. The result is an easier to assemble and faster to solve approach using an equivalent model.  This revolutionary analytical approach is available in the latest release of Bolt.

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Introduction to Bolt.  A beginner's guide to the Bolt environment.

NEW! Ask us about our automated genotype pipeline and parentage service.

The current production release of Bolt is 1.2.7

Our software comprises command line tools that have been optimized for multi-layered/multigrid parallel processing. We have achieved in excess of 6 Tflops performance with some tools on hardware costing around US$3,500. This results in the fastest time to production for large and very large genetic analyses. 

The tools are optimized for large dense, sparse, and mixed problems involving of millions of equations as are common in genomic and pedigree-based evaluation. Both direct solution and MCMC strategies are included. We focus on marker selection models and have innovated several methods that provide substantial improvements in accuracy of identification of effects.